The charitable foundation “Future for Ukraine” was created with thought and concern for Ukrainians and the future of Ukraine as an independent European state.
The mission of the foundation is to provide comprehensive assistance to Ukrainians affected by the cruel and cynical war resolved by Russia. The foundation works in four main directions:

  • Helping children with ASD: Levchyk Spectrum Hub was created in Lviv, providing free corrective classes for children with autism spectrum disorders who were forced to evacuate to Lviv from the war zone;
  • Prosthetics for soldiers overseas: The foundation works with MCOP clinics and provides prosthetics and rehabilitation for Ukrainian soldiers with complex amputation cases;
  • Humanitarian assistance: foundation volunteers carry out humanitarian missions to conflict foci and liberated territories;
  • Project Gidna: psychological support for women who have suffered sexual violence by Russian occupiers.

You can always join and donate to one of the foundation’s projects. Every donation is a friendly support and help to the Ukrainian people, who are bravely fighting against the enemy for independence and their own European future.

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