How it works?

E-commerce for Ukraine (e4U) allows you to support Ukraine’s reconstruction when online shopping. You spend what you usually do while part of the partners’ (now 1700+ and counting) profit goes to the chosen cause or organization.

To join e4U, add to your browser a free and secure extension

What happens when, I click Activate Donation?

When you click Activate Donation, you are briefly taken to a page where you are given a unique ID, and after a second – along with the ID – you are back to shopping. With the ID, we can account for your support with stores and assign it to the organization or cause of your choice.

Is it safe?

The e4U extension is fully secure and just…  honest!

  • does not collect any personal data
  • does not display any advertisements

Extension collects only anonymous analytical data, so we could improve your experience.

How to choose charity?

After installing the extension – on the Thank you page – you can select one of the non-profits. 

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