e-commerce 4 Ukraine is a project of FaniMani Foundation (founded 2014, Poland) together with charities that work directly on Ukrainian’s soil. 

FaniMani Foundation since 2014 runs – similar service for Polish charities. 

Just shop online like you always do. Using e4U cost you no extra money so you can help for free. Partners, online shops share the profit. 

e4U is free for shoppers and charities. Cooperation with business – online shops and partners – covers the costs of running and development of the service.


After the installation you’ll land on thank you page where you can select one of the non profits which will get the donations from your shopping. 

No. Extension doesn’t show any ads and do not collect any personal data. 

We do collect anonymous analytic data to improve the service and fix the bugs.

It simple. It marks the partners, online shops where you can help Ukraine for free. 

On the shop page you will see the information and be able to activate the donation.

When you search for a product or service, you will see partners/shops tagged with e4U.